Yapeswap Docs
Token Distribution
Yapeswap protocol is being built by enthusiastic independent contributors. We all truly believe in the values of fair lunch, and we believe that the token distribution should be fair and transparent. Therefore, all $YAPE is distributed to participants who contributed to the ecosystem. The most valuable participants of the Yapeswap ecosystem are liquidity providers, contributors, and partner DAOs.
$YAPE does not have hard-cap, but is minted and distributed to each contributor depending on emission schedule.
$YAPE emissions distribution allocation will be as follows.
  • 56.3% to Liquidity Providers
  • 20% to $cYAPE mining
  • 10.76% to Initial Contributors Sharing Program (ICSP) a.k.a Founder shares
  • 9.99% to Yapeswap Treasury
  • 2.94% to WorkHard Finance Protocol
  • 0.01% to Caller Fee
Yapeswap was founded by 10 initial core contributors from the WorkHard Finance community. All initial contributors are rewarded through the ICSP for their true devotion during the early stages of development. The ICSP also serves as an incentive for these contributors to continue improving the Yapeswap protocol.
The Treasury emissions will be used for operating expenditures, partnership airdrops, and more. All treasury budget use must be approved by the governance of the $veYAPE holders.
Yapeswap is the first child DAO of WorkHard Finance DAO. All child DAO of WorkHard Finance share ~3% of its emission with the great mother DAO. Caller fee is allocated for decentralized callers who execute necessary transactions in the Yapeswap protocol.
This token distribution allocates most of the tokens to those who contribute to the Yapeswap DAO. This makes it difficult for a small number of stakeholders (including founders) to control the Yapeswap DAO, while allowing many community contributors to fairly share rewards and keep its governance decentralized.
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