Yapeswap Docs
Burn $cYAPE or Swap for $DAI
Enter the DAO page from the landing page, then click the Yapeswap DAO tab.
This interface will allow you to swap your earned $cYAPE for $DAI at 1 to 1 ratio, or allow you to purchase $cYAPE at a 2 to 1 markup.
Next, click on the ‘Mine’ Tab, then click on the ‘Commit Mining’ window
Click to specify how much of your $cYAPE you want to burn. Click on ‘Burn’ and confirm the transaction using your wallet.
Once burned, the $cYAPE starts accruing rewards immediately and will remain visible under Burned/Balance for as long as you allow it to continue to mine $YAPE.
When you are ready to redeem your $YAPE rewards from your burned $cYAPE, click ‘Stop mining and withdraw rewards’
The $YAPE you’ve mined will be deposited to your wallet and the burned value will no longer be visible to you as it is no longer eligible to accrue rewards and can only burned one time.
Both burning and withdrawing burned $cYAPE rewards are permanent actions
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