Yapeswap Docs
Lock $YAPE for $veYAPE and Claim $YAPE Dividends
Start on the ‘Gov’ tab on the DAO page. The ratio beneath the green bar shows the number of $veYAPE this user has already locked. In this case, the user has locked all of their 7541 $YAPE tokens for $veYAPE and has no more available to lock.
Enter the amount of $YAPE you want to lock and use the slider to specify how long you want to lock it for. The longer you lock your $YAPE the more $veYAPE you will receive.
The locked $veYAPE will decay to zero over the lock period that was specified, and the entire sum of locked $YAPE tokens will be returned at the end of the lock period.
Scroll down to see your locked positions. Users are able to create multiple Voting Escrow positions or adjust their existing locks by adding to the locked amount or increasing the lock time. You are also able to delegate your votes to a trusted fellow Yape if you will be unable to vote on proposals.
Click the ‘Claim Dividend’ tab. Here you can claim the $YAPE that has been distributed to you for holding $veYAPE. The Yapeswap fee manager is setup to distribute $YAPE rewards every Thursday at 0 AM UTC.
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