Yapeswap Docs
How to Ape In
This page is intended to serve as a quick-start guide for Yapeswap's main features. More detailed guides can be found in the 'Guides' section.
Supply liquidity to the $YAPE mining pools by acquiring LP tokens for the desired pair. This is done on the ‘Pool’ tab on the app page.
Go to the DAO page, select the pool for which you have LP tokens, and stake them to the pool. When enough $YAPE has accrued, ‘Mine’ the rewards and leave your initial balance behind.
Take the $YAPE rewards and some fresh $ETH and start the process over again with the ETH/YAPE liquidity pool, or lock your $YAPE for $veYAPE, which gives you voting rights and access to $YAPE dividends. Use the ‘Gov’ tab on the DAO page to lock your $YAPE.
If you have earned $cYAPE as a result of completing a funded task, it will be viewable under the ‘Work’ tab on the DAO page. Here you can swap out your $cYAPE for $DAI.
You can also buy in to $cYAPE at a mark-up on this page if you wish to take advantage of the $cYAPE burn mining APY.
To burn your $cYAPE to initiate $YAPE mining, go to the ‘Mine’ Tab on the DAO page and click on the $cYAPE mining pool, where you can burn your $cYAPE.
$cYAPE can only be burned once and burning is a permanent action. Once burned, $cYAPE begins mining $YAPE. The burned value will continue to mine $YAPE for as long as you allow it to. The mining will continue indefinitely, as long as the rewards are not redeemed.
When you collect the $YAPE rewards that have accrued as a result of burning $cYAPE, this will permanently end the mining that is being performed.
There is no way to partially withdraw $YAPE rewards and allow the burnt $cYAPE to continue mining. Upon withdrawing your $YAPE rewards, your $cYAPE will not be visible in your wallet, nor will it be returned to you, as it has been both burnt and withdrawn from mining.
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